Bringing Earth and Space Science to you.

Earthside Astronomy offers an entertaining and educational
experience of the universe.

The wonders of the night sky has  always inspired humanity to reach new heights in science an innovation.

Our experienced Astronomers and Tour Guides will educate and entertain while guiding you on a journey through the wonders of our Universe.


Services offered:
  • School Incursions
  • Youth Group Viewing Evenings
  • Telescope 101 Training Courses
  • General Evening & Daytime Telescope Viewing
  • Astronomy Presentations
  • Laser Pointer Night Sky Tours
  • Ground Water Experiments & Education
  • Practical Science Demonstrations

Contact us to make a booking for your group, event or school.


Earthside Astronomy is proudly partnered with Stargazers Club WA, Working together to promote Western Australian Astronomy


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